EnchWelcome high-end intelligent molding machine manufacturers - Guangdong Jicri Machinery Technology Co. Ltd is a fully automatic plastic bottle blowing machine factory is a professional!

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Guangdong Jicri Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xintang town of Guangzhou City, we focus on: drinking water, edible oil / gas beverages, daily chemical pesticide production line equipment. Production, sales, maintenance, maintenance, production of automatic bottle blowing machine technology enterprises. Since its establishment, it has been providing high quality products to customers, solving technical problems in production and providing high quality services. Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit of gold will always make you free - Jicri supervisor!

If you need to build a factory - -- Jicri is your designer

If you need to buy equipment -- - Jicri is your technical consultant

If you are unfamiliar with the production process -- Jicri as your trainer

If your production is not good enough -- Jicri is your technical engineer

Jicri - to absorb the essence of hundreds of technology in the industry, to provide you with better production plan and technical support.




How to Choose an Appropriate Bottle Blower


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Application of Bottle Blower in Plastic Bottle Production


People use a variety of plastic products and equipment in life, especi...


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Inner Mongolia address:Guangzhou xintang




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